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Thursday, January 21, 2021

About competitive E-Sport (CS GO and Valorant examples) and how to improve user trust


 I think, before Valorant, CSGO was the best shooter game to watch and play. Valorant arrived with coronavirus almost in the same pack and changed the Game. Almost all players went from CSGO to Valorant for various reasons: maybe the gameplay in Valorant is the smoothest game you have ever played; maybe the hitbox is more accurate; it's easier to play than CSGO - you kill faster in Valorant; the game speed is higher; due to the amount of magic and powers each hero has, you can create a lot more sceneries and strats to win a round; every 6 months a new hero with new powers come to the game keeping it fresh; a lot of updates.
 It's not all good with Valorant, some cons may be: the graphics may be outdated, but I personally don't care, it's a skill game and I don't wanna see the performance affected by no means; maybe the map pool is a bit poor for now; maybe the sound could be more precise sometimes(like hearing steps from a very precise direction) - I never played with a 7.1 headphone maybe that's why...

I have been playing Counter-Strike since 1999, and I invested a lot of my time in this game and it has a special place in my "gaming heart". But the truth is they didn't update the game very often and the updates weren't so impactful. One impactful update was the skins..which I think was a very nice move. But for anything else, just the passes were refreshing a little bit for the game(I think the passes are ok). I was disappointed in the first week or 2 or 3... after Valorant launched, CS GO updated the crosshair too(you now could see the crosshair of a teammate and try it yourself) and after a time they updated with the option that let you indicate a place in the map(Valorant like) and more. I didn't felt disappointed about the updates. I don't even care if they copy someone else. The disappointment came from the fact it was like too late for the updates...what they were doing before Valorant?
I still think Counter-Strike still has a good spot in the gaming world and can be fighting again for the best E-Sport shooter or non-shooter out there. You need more skill to win a Counter-Strike match, it's a very difficult game at higher levels, it's like a sport. I just remember some tournaments from Counter-Strike, the atmosphere was amazing, the commentators were amazing the games were very complex but very entertaining.

Anyway, to improve my trust and make me wanna see whatever tournament out there they gotta improve in some areas like:
 I don't remember a Tournament with 100% transparency(not online), but something like that could make me love more Valorant or CSGO if they could implement it:
1. All the PCs must be controlled 100% by the organizers(players can send before the tournament with which keyboard, which mouse, which sensibility, which monitor, which resolution, each line of config they have when playing, etc. to the organizers and like that the players can enter the competition room with nothing but their clothes, so less likely to cheat:)
2. The accounts for each player playing the tournament are random
3. The cabin from where they are playing to be guaranteed that no one can see out of it, not even hear anything from outside, and all the mikes to be opened, or if they don't want that, because maybe the players can insult, at least the coach has to have the mike always opened
4. Create a sort of young or amateur league with some prizes or chance to get chosen to be part of a team





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