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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Some updates. Life and programming + flowcharts + Figma

 My last post was about doing the most difficult Kata I can find on CodeWars, but life and work got me occupied. I'll postpone the challenge until my trivia App will go out on the world wide web.

Recently, I changed my job and I'm a bit stressed out. I even made a huge mistake at the new place, but for now I didn't get fired. It's not programming, it's networking, Windows Services and more. I still want to work as a programmer, but if I don't get a very good offer, or I don't create my own Web App I'll not change the job, because I do interesting things here and I like it.

Another thing I wanna write about it's about my programming journey which has been stucked lately, because it uses so much logic that my brain can't keep up with it. Until now I didn't think was necessary, but I need flowcharts and Readme files for the logic of the program. I restarted from scratch and organize my thoughts and logic of my trivia code. I hope after I finish the flowcharts for all the functionalities, I will be able to code smoothly and faster.


As well, I discovered Figma,before the Adobe acquisition and I recommend to anybody who wanna have a simulation for their webs and apps. Working there with your computer screen, mobile screen and your tablet screen in real time it's a nice experience too


  1. Băi Ztonaz , ți-a comentat vreodată cineva pe blog în ultimii 15 ani de când tot furi curent şi plagiezi tot ce vezi şi auzi ? :::::::::))))))))))))))))))) hai recunoaşte că şi ți îți vine să râzi ::::::)))))

  2. Băi Ztonaz ... vrem materiale noi pe blog la tine ::::::::::::)))))))))))))))))))

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