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Friday, February 23, 2024

Type faster journey. Would you join or just watch?

 As I continue to develop my trivia and rapid-fire writing game, I still find time to indulge in some friendly competition on platforms like TypeRacer, TypeFast, or MonkeyType. Recently, I've been closely monitoring my progress on MonkeyType, and I must say, the stats are quite enlightening.

I have a hunch that my actual skills might be a notch above what's depicted in the photo I shared. This is primarily because my focus has been on honing my typing speed in Spanish. Nonetheless, hitting a speed of 120 words per minute (wpm) seems to be my current limit. It's fascinating, though, to see others effortlessly reaching 250 wpm! I could be content with 180wpm

This realization brings me to a point of reflection. Some of my friends jokingly call me 'old' for this digital era (which I assure you, I'm not!), but it does seem like a good opportunity to start afresh. I'm considering relearning typing with the QWERTY layout, using all my fingers in a more efficient manner.

And here's an exciting thought – why not share this journey with you all? I'm thinking of starting a series on my blog to document my progress. It'll be a way for my "fans"to join me on this adventure of rediscovering the art of typing. Stay tuned!

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