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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Hi again fam mates buds

So I'll try to be cool and write this in a nice way:
Hey fam! Been a whole month since I dropped anything on the blog, feels kinda sus. My blog's SEO is basically RIP, worse than awful, and my readers? Just a handful of buds and acquaintances. But guess what? Ya boi is back! Took a lil' break from the code grind and blogging – dunno who'd care, but hey, here I am again. BTW, in the latest trivia, realized my last month's work pre-break was kinda for nothing. Gotta tweak that HTML from scratch. Just a heads-up to myself to figure out what's next when I'm back at my crib. Anyway, holla at y'all again, peeps! ✌️😎

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